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Response to Centre for Social Justice's report on lone parents So mum, why don't I have a daddy?

PRESS RELEASE - SO MUM, WHY DON’T I HAVE A DADDY? Father’s Day is almost with us. The marketing machine drives forward the card, mug and tee-shirt industry’s push for sales of ‘No.1 Dad’ merchandise. But a report (1) from the Centre f... ... >> more

Lammy Report Doing Family: Encouraging Active Fatherhood

David Lammy MP - who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on fathers has launched his submission to the Labour Party policy review on the role of fathers in modern society to coincide with Fathers Day June 2013 Lammy’s report, Doing Family: Encouragin... ... >> more


CALLING ALL FAMILY SUPPORT & PAENTING PROFESSIONALS ACROSS WALES The charity is currently undertaking research with Welsh Government support to establish a baseline of participation in Parenting Support Programmes and Family Support Services by ADULT Male Car... ... >> more

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